Summer Specials Wraps

Subway Summer Specials Wraps

• Chipotle Southwest Steak & Cheese Wrap (Tomato Basil Wrap + Chipotle Southwest Sauce + Thick-Cut Steak)

Subway selects high-quality beef brisket and cuts them into thick pieces full of juice and nutrients, then mixes them with milky and slightly spicy Chipotle Southwest Sauce. They were wrapped up in a tomato basil wrap with cheese, fresh vegetables (cucumbers, lettuces, green peppers, onions). Enjoy the meat in every bite. This is how you should eat a steak.

• Subway Melt Wrap (Spinach Wrap + ham + turkey breast + bacon)

Subway features a selection of juicy turkey breasts, smooth Western-style ham and uniquely smoked crispy bacon with milky cheese, fresh vegetables (cucumbers, lettuces, tomatoes), topped with thousand island dressing and mayonnaise, all wrapped in a spinach wrap. Enjoy a sense of tenderness and freshness with every bite.

• Tuna & Bacon Wrap (Original roll + tuna + bacon)

Subway selects high-quality tuna which is both delicate and delicious. It is mixed with rich mayonnaise, topped with American-style smoked bacon, cheese and fresh vegetables (cucumbers, lettuces, tomatoes), and finally wrapped in an original wrap. A balanced diet, delicious, exceptional.